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MOTTO arose from the fusion of competences that correspond to the fundamental requirements in any organization management. We provide support and consultancy services, we aim to help organizations enhancing their strategy and management practices. What we do is to discuss ideas and solutions from planning to implementation. Our operations are based on three main pillars, Strategy, Organization and Investment. We have accumulated experience in real contexts that allow us to add value in the organizations we work with.


João Trindade
Partner | Strategic Management

João Trindade

João is a marketeer specialized in business strategy by the Wharton School, he lives to look for solutions and ideas for new projects. He started his career in 2002 at the family business, even before any significant studies, where he had the opportunity to explore roles as head of sales, procurement, logistics and marketing. After completing his degree in Marketing, he launched himself in Information Technologies to develop the brand of a software house. Hence, mixing with dozens of trips, he moved forward to create businesses in several areas such as digital marketing and consulting, real estate investment and hospitality. He developed solutions for renowned brands such as Arteriors Home, Porto Bay Hotels, Penha Longa Resort, Sheraton, Verride SC, Embassies of Kuwait and Angola, among others. He collaborates as a consultant with several offices in the definition of corporate strategy and marketing. He has been a Partner at Motto since 2020, where he takes on the development of partnerships and consultancy services for SMEs.
Maria Manuel
Partner | Project Management

Maria Manuel

Maria is a project manager with a natural talent for dealing with people, most of the time. She has an incorrigible desire to make things happen. She gets involved with each project as if it were the last, and she is excited to bring ideas to the light of day, especially those filled with content and impact - this is perhaps her main motivation in life. She started her professional career in 2005, integrating all types of teams and projects, making the connection between independent professionals and large organizations where the Gulbenkian Foundation and the Global Media Group stand out. The accumulated experience in project management allows you to have a broader view of the situations. It explores the purpose, difficulties and resources of each project, and from there it starts to define the model to be implemented. She has been a Partner at Motto since 2020, where she is responsible for managing projects and people.

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"Great work, this team has created a brilliant tool to develop our business."

José N.

"High level of professionalism and self-delivery"

Monica P.

"multifaceted - comprising not only the production area, but also skills in the areas of communication and mediation. Good communication skills, an asset in any team."

Inês B.

"takes care of each project with all the attention they deserve. They have an enormous capacity for work and leave no detail to chance."

Susana D.

"I had the opportunity to witness their commitment, dedication and professionalism."

Luís J.

"Working under pressure is not for everyone, but Maria did it and demonstrated in many situations that she is very capable and successful."

Vivian T.