Business Strategy


It is common for business owners to feel that there is something that they should change. Well, truth is that they don’t know what it is. At Motto we believe that is how the absence of a plan and strategy feels. We know that this process is complex, especially for those who manage companies on a daily basis. Nevertheless, the development of a plan is essential, because the strategy allows to identify the best place where the company should be working in. From this plan, it becomes easier and much more efficient to focus resources on a limited set of actions to achieve the desired (and necessary) position.


At Motto we have a unique perspective on business. In each project, we encourage our customers to stand out from those feelings and play by their rules. In first place, using our expertise, we help them getting to know their own business, and designing the future. After all, it’s easy, we handle them the wheel. After this process our clients they can make the best decisions for entrepreneurs and small businesses that want to start or reorganize their business.


  • Brand development
  • Strategy fit
  • Reputation risk analysis
  • Competitive advantage
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic partnerships
  • International expansion
  • Merge & acquisions support
  • Marketing planning
  • Strategy audit
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Customer relationship models
  • Open a new business/company
  • Relaunch your business by rearranging it
  • Launch a new product/service
  • Segmentation defining the right strategy
  • Marketing check